Thursday, December 9, 2010

This isn't milk, It's a pinhole camera.

Proposal for “boxed water is better” pinhole camera

When you repurpose something from something else, you have to think what it will be used for; functional, entertainment, or both. If you are looking for both function and entertainment then this is your answer; the pinhole camera. A pinhole camera is a simple camera that can be made out of anything and that it’s light safe. You create a shutter that moves up and down as if it’s a button on a normal camera. Taking a thumb take, you poke a hole in a can and that becomes the lens. Once built, it can take pictures anywhere with good sunlight. A pinhole camera is a perfect example of upcycling because it uses household items and it can be made out of almost anything. It’s important to upcycle because in this day and age, more people are being wasteful in everything they do, you can instead take the waste and you could make things such as a clock out of a orange juice carton, or a purse or wallet out of old candy or juice wrappers. The possibilities are endless when you think outside the box and outside new items.

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